The Stamford Woman’s Club has been in existence since 1905. There have been lots of good years. In recent years, we have been struggling as our membership has started to dwindle. Thanks to some new members, things, hopefully, will begin to look up. 

We had a very successful Scholarship Awards ceremony this year. Every student who was awarded a scholarship attended, most with their family. Some of the guidance counselors were in attendance as was the Superintendent of Schools. We were able to raise the amount of the scholarship substantially this year and hope to increase it again for 2020.

Our Tag Sale generated a nice profit for our Club. This seems to be a very good way to generate profit while enabling members to dispose of items they no longer want or need.

This year has seen the growing success of our Birthday Committee. It has proved to be a really pleasant way to get together and enjoy a nice lunch and companionship. Everyone seems to like it.

Again, we urge you to each try and bring in at least one new member this year. That’s the only way this organization can be viable. 

Thank you for your continued support. We couldn’t do it without your help.


Dorothy Green and Mildred Ritchie
Co-Presidents of the Stamford Woman’s Club

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