My heart is united with all hearts in this beautiful diverse world. I see humankind as a masterpiece of diversity. I may be working or living next to a person who looks different, or has a different beleif system than mine, or enjoys different activities than I do. But, united hand in hand and heart to heart we make up this beautiful and diverse world.

When I am considering something new, I pray to have the understanding I need in order to actually begin. Then I don’t become so fixed on the goal that I forget to enjoy myself along the way.


Demetra (“Dee”) Jones
President of the Stamford Woman’s Club

Our 2021 yearbook is dedicated to all the Caregivers, be it as First Responders, Doctors, Nurses or EMTs. We at the Stamford Woman’s Club give thanks for the caregivers of the world. These dedicated people express compassion so richly in the care they give day after day, and night after night. Caregivers are love in expression. Thank you!

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