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Although the Stamford Woman’s Club annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony was cancelled due to the Coronavirus, our spirit of sharing and caring was not diminished. Our Scholarship Committee members reviewed and evaluated applications submitted by participating high school counselors. We selected EIGHT seniors and awarded a total of $40,000 in scholarships to them. Congratulations to these awardees and to all graduating seniors!

One of our former presidents, Mary Ann Lawlor, shared these frequently asked questions about Woman’s Suffrage. Since today’s celebration had to inevitably be cancelled due to coronavirus, we are sharing this information with you. 

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Join Stamford Woman’s Club 4th Vice President and Membership Chair Susanne Monasa as she sits down with News 12’s Gwen Edwards in an Our Lives segment! Susanne discusses the best kept secret in Stamford and discusses the Stamford Woman’s Club plans on World Suffrage Day.


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